Tennis Magnet Bullet

In contemporary tennis, rapid, fast and powerful beginning of action is the key of success. A fast moving ball makes not possible to be fully prepared by action and position. In many game situations a tennis player needs to produce an executive shot from an uncomfortable position and short swing distance. This action demands concentration and consolidation all body muscles in one. Tennis Magnet Bullet designed for develops ability to consolidate all body muscles in one short and powerful move. When all magnets mounted inside a magnet unit, 200 pounds (90.6 kg) need to separate devices. It is very difficult and some times is not possible for a practitioner, we recommend to start practice with 4-5 magnets inside a magnet unit. Go to How to replace a magnet for more information. Go to Sizes Chart for devices specification. Don’t enforce preparation, it can lead to injury. Wrists is the most injured part – use wristbands for protection.