How to replace a magnet











Magnet Units always must be covered by Yellow Cover to prevent magnets from damage and accidentally releasing from a magnet slot. To replace or remove a magnet follow steps:
1. Mark a magnet shape and bordered it by two lines, pic. 1.
2. By sharp instrument cut and remove a piece of vinyl to expose a magnet, pic. 2.
3. Remove a magnet from a slot using a releasing groove under a magnet, pic. 3.
4. Put a replacement magnet on a device magnet, they must attract each other. For polarity identification, mark outward side. All device magnets must be the same outward polarity.
5. Insert a new magnet in a magnet slot, by marked side facing outward, pic. 4.
6. Apply Magnet Patch on a exposed magnet, pic. 5-6.
7. Start to practice.