Martial Arts technique

The power of Martial Arts is a strike penetrative force. A penetrative force means to keep a line, speed and motion of a striking hand through a target to fully transform muscles and kinetic energy to an impact. A shallow impact will not transfer all energy to a target and exceedingly deep will bring imbalance and lack of defense. A right technique of a strike is a fast and powerful beginning, coming from legs and torso to a striking hand,  keeping a generated hand speed through a target. Equally important to a successful strike is to bring a hand back with the same strike speed and line, to keep a defense and be ready for a new action. These movements are difficult to practice. Martial Arts Bullet Devices give the full solution to practice powerful force initiation, strike speed, extension through a target, fast return to defense and preparation for a new action, balance development, body coordination and other. Martial Arts Bullet Devices are heavy tools and bring an athletic skills development along with a right penetrative strike technique. Martial Arts Bullet Devices designed for hands action, but also improves legs technique, athletic ability, right body motions, understanding of a technique idea and execution.