Bullet Stroke devices are handmade device. We always strive to complete an order fast. Manufacturing begins at the same or next day the payment was receiving and usually takes 5-6 days, but can be 2-3 days longer.  Shipping rates are based on the package weight, size and purchaser’s location.  Orders will be shipped by UPS Ground, unless you specify a preferred rate.  International shipping provides by UPS International. The purchaser will be responsible for all duties and taxes on foreign shipments. UPS uses two different kinds of weight measurements to determine the price of shipping a package, dimensional weight and actual weight. The heaviest weight will be used to determine the shipping cost.  A dimensional weight can be much more than actual weight and mostly depend on a shipping box size. Bullet Stroke device shipping box is fully customized and can save to a customer up to 30% of a shipping cost. Go to for more information.