Martial Arts Strike Extender

Martial Arts Strike Extender designed for Martial Arts Bullet practice, to establish and control a strike extension through a target, pass line and direction. A device has a base and three vertical, foam made, flexible extensions. Vertical extensions positioned in a straight line, 4 inch (10.2 cm) apart. Device flexible extensions made from a foam material, very easy to cut with a knife for height adjustments.  A whole device length is 14 inch (35.6 cm). Recommended height is 20-26 inch (50-66 cm). There are two lengths of flexible extensions – regular (27.5 inch, 69.8 cm) and long (57 inch, 144.7 cm). Flexible extensions will be not damaged if they are mistakenly hit by Martial Arts Bullet. Blue flexible extension on the video above is the target and impact sound must be exactly above. “Target” flexible extension can be positioned first, second or third in the row.